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     Paulina Nemcova was born in Decin, a small town in the north of the Czech Republic.

   Her mother, a Russian literature and history teacher and her father Miroslav, an engineer for the highways depart-ment and the vice minister of transportation during the Communist system, had been sent to Decin by the elected government at the time, each one of them waiting to be transfered to Prague.

   While in Prague, Paulina was raised learning the values so intrinsic to her parents beliefs. Physical activities were an obligatory path but Paulina turned it into a joyful pastime leading to setting new targets for herself : ski, gymnastics,


      She stood out in the three disciplines that made an elegant, confident

  and determined young girl out of her.

      As evidenced by her beauty, Paulina was  discovered at the age of six-

  teen by a modeling agent who asked her to come to Paris (France). But

  he first had to convince Vera and Miroslav who envisioned their daughter

  as a lawyer, not a model.

      « Get your degree first… » were the first words to encourage her.

  Followed by the prospect of living in the « city of lights » and

  the opportunity to pursue her studies at the highest level

  finally resulted in her parents’ approval.  Paulina’s success

  did the rest…

    VIVA, METROPOLITAN, ELITE… Three of the most prestigious

  international modeling agencies helped Paulina to become a

  renowned top model: WELLA, SALVADOR DALI, BOURGEOIS,

  CELINE, CARTIER, DIOR… among others chose Paulina to shoot

  their campaigns.

  Internationally renowned magazi-


MARIE CLAIRE or International

VOGUE also chose Paulina to re-

count visual stories of women and


   Paulina’s career did not take her

away from university.  Keeping the

promise to her parents, she successfully passed her in-

ternational law exams. Furthermore she speaks five lan-

guages fluently: English, French, German, Russian and

Czech !

   She nevertheless knew how to combine

study and research as well as modeling in

making photographs for some of the most

prominent photographers in the fashion bu-

siness: Tyen, Pamela Hanson, André Rau,

Patrick Demarchelier…

   Perseverance, patience, persistence, a

taste for adventure, novelty, disguise, risk,

game… In any opportunity for transforma-

tion, a desire to excel herself and take on

other identities, to go further into the emo-

tions… All of these feelings combined led

her to the ultimate decision to become an


     Paulina then enrolled into the Actors Studio in New York

taking Jack Waltzer’s classes for one year. After taking part in

a few American independant film projects such as Salome’s

Kiss, Damaged… and playing small parts in European films

including Colditz, Modern Love…. Paulina auditioned for a

remarkable part:  she obtained the role of the American

journalist who interviews Edith Piaf/Marion Cotillard in Olivier

Dahan’s film: La Vie En Rose.

   This role was a decisive for Paulina. Her talent rightly

noticed, she was casted for the role of Olga in the French Patrice

Leconte film: La Guerre des Miss  - The War of the Beauty

Queens – released in France in January 2009.

   An Italian drama from Roberto Faenza filmed in English

immediately followed: The Case of Unfaithfull

Klara, in which Paulina plays the role of Ruth,

a free woman bound by other chains than her

marriage’s… The film will be released in Italy

in March 2009 with a potential release throug-

hout Europe.

   Last January 2009, Paulina left for South

        Africa to do a German film: The Secret of Whales directed by Philipp

        Kadelbach. She plays the role of Doctor Karuna, a scientist who

        struggles with painful ecological problems. The leading role is played by

        actor Christopher Lambert.

                   Paulina’s talent is not strictly confined to acting: As an inspi-

                red and selective woman she decided last 2008 to create ICONE

  PRODUCTION, a production company destined to pursue and  accomplish

  her creative choices within the cinema industry. She therefore decided to begin adapting the

  famous novel Quatre-Vingt-Treize by Victor Hugo. She chose two talented worldwide

  renowned screenwriters: Jean-Claude Carrière and Patrick Rambaud. Paulina will play the

  lead role: Michelle Fléchard.

     Within the multi-facted captivating world of cinema where so many possibilities can

  occur, the adventure has just started for Paulina…